If you can control the weather, you can then control humanity! Have you heard of Geoengineering?

Have you looked up at the sky lately? Many cloud formations are formed out of the white lines you see in the sky, they are not innocent contrails left by aeroplanes; they are chemtrails “chemical trails”. Aircraft are flying over the world today, dumping toxins to gain control of the weather. Take a look for yourselves; look up Geoengineering on the internet. This spraying of toxic chemicals is causing low immunities and ill health among us. In defence, the government are claiming that they are controlling global warming. Unfortunately we live in a world where most of the population are blinded by the media, and hypnotized by the TV; it’s called dumbing down humanity!

You might say what rubbish; the government are spraying toxins to gain control of the weather? Do they not breathe the same air too?

They are spraying heavy metals and toxins; they too are taking a detox that will eliminate these harmful toxins. They do not eat the same food as you; most foods and cleaning products bought in supermarkets today worldwide are loaded with toxins, pesticides, aspartame and more evils. If you buy organic fruit and vegetables, they too have fewer nutrients because the soils in most parts of the world are depleted of nutrients too. The world is changing and it is vital that we change too; to take care of our health today, it is most important to do a little research and see how you can obtain maximum health for yourselves and your families.

This is a serious message, I write this article not to create fear but to create awareness. Knowledge is the key, and ignorance is not bliss, it kills. This message is to the people I love, to humanity.

So what can you do? Firstly you can fill your kitchen sink up with water, then add one cup full of apple cider vinegar, throw in all your fruits and vegetables and leave them for ten minutes to soak, and then rinse with cold water and leave to drain. This removes most pesticides. Research and find the best detox, use natural products to clean yourselves and your homes, you will be amazed at how much healthier you will feel without inhaling all those toxins. And with the right eating habits, exercise, and supplements, you will be feeling and looking a lot healthier, and definitely a lot happier too!

So, if you are not feeling your normal energetic self, you might ask yourself why, and then look up at the sky!

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To be a healthier happier you in 2014, you must be in the know & ACT on the know!

Best Wishes, Simone Segal.

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