Sometimes in life, it takes getting to that lowest place, that place at the bottom of a pit where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you feel your whole world is falling apart. It could be many things that take you to that place, like loosing a job, a relationship ending, money problems, the list could get worse and go on and on. It is a very sensitive subject, our grief, but, what we all need to understand is that we always have a choice. The choice being, to go down with the flow of negative thoughts, taking you deeper and deeper into depression, that place what is so called our comfort zone, the place where you act like you just don’t care, so you don’t have to do anything about it, not being fair to yourself or the people that love you.

Or, you can change your perception of thought. When something in your life has ended, take some time to mourn and except, but know not to dwell in this place for too long. Change your perception of thought to, this is the start, the beginning of something new. Somehow we seem to fear change. We like the things we like and we do the things we do. There is an expression, “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. When you can step right out your comfort zone, hold your head high in faith of your very own being, and know that when you show courage and use your will to improve your situation, you, without a shadow of doubt, whether you like it or not, will be dwelling in the power of universal magic attracting all you desire.




When you think your world is falling apart

 Wrap your arms around your heart

 Give yourself a loving embrace

 Keep that smile upon your face

 Whatever it is that you might fear

 Cast aside, make that crystal clear

 As hard as that might seem to be

 Rescue your mind with positivity

 Do not go down and let fear in

 For that will be your downfall sin

 Your choice. Your thoughts, you’re in control

 Up or down, you’re on a roll

 For what might seem like a broken heart

 Could be the beginning of an amazing start

Have the strength to carry on

Act as if you can’t go wrong

Although you might not have a clue

There’s an amazing world in front of you!

Find the courage and the strength

Do not stop at any length

Believe in your dreams, and start a new

And know your wishes will come true!!!