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  • Simone, your poems are like bright lights, and all the words like bulbs, emitting hope and life.
    James Fraser

  • Very powerful indeed. Everyone must master their own lives like this. Very good message and I am looking forward to reading more...
    Kevin Elmore

  • So simple a truth, so profoundly expressed
    William A Cleator

  • Beautiful and inspirational
    Audrey Carey

  • Hi Simone the poem 'What you see in the Mirror' is truly powerful medicine for the soul...
    Dean Masciarelli

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Posted by on in Motivational Writes



Live in the moment of now, become consciously aware. Feel love in the moment of now and become your greatest influence. Focus with passion and desire in the moment of now and believe in yourself. Give thanks in the moment of now and have a purpose. Create your happiness in the moment of now and master your thoughts.

For your future and destiny are determined by your every thought, feeling and action


Do, and be, you’re very best to achieve your goals, for the past has gone, and the future depends, and IS, always in the moment of NOW!

When you can do this, your whole life will turn around just like the word NOW, to





Reminiscing of the past, how long will you spend getting nowhere fast?

Day dreaming of your future events, how much time, will you have spent?

The time is NOW, what can you do?

The time is NOW, to make your dreams come true

The time is NOW, for you to take control

The time is NOW, for an upward roll

The time is NOW, to make a stand

The time is NOW, to reach your promised land

The time is NOW, to live your desire

The time is NOW, for your wishes to transpire

The time is NOW, to aim for your goal

The time is NOW, to be kind to your soul

The time is NOW, you can achieve, any great thought you can conceive

The time is NOW, that you should act

The time is NOW, to make your life exact

The time is NOW, and only NOW, you can act upon great thoughts

The time is NOW, and only NOW, you can do, all that you ought

The time is NOW, and only NOW, that you can be your best

The time is NOW, and only NOW, you can create, your own SUCCESS!!!





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Sometimes in life, it takes getting to that lowest place, that place at the bottom of a pit where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you feel your whole world is falling apart. It could be many things that take you to that place, like loosing a job, a relationship ending, money problems, the list could get worse and go on and on. It is a very sensitive subject, our grief, but, what we all need to understand is that we always have a choice. The choice being, to go down with the flow of negative thoughts, taking you deeper and deeper into depression, that place what is so called our comfort zone, the place where you act like you just don’t care, so you don’t have to do anything about it, not being fair to yourself or the people that love you.

Or, you can change your perception of thought. When something in your life has ended, take some time to mourn and except, but know not to dwell in this place for too long. Change your perception of thought to, this is the start, the beginning of something new. Somehow we seem to fear change. We like the things we like and we do the things we do. There is an expression, “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. When you can step right out your comfort zone, hold your head high in faith of your very own being, and know that when you show courage and use your will to improve your situation, you, without a shadow of doubt, whether you like it or not, will be dwelling in the power of universal magic attracting all you desire.




When you think your world is falling apart

 Wrap your arms around your heart

 Give yourself a loving embrace

 Keep that smile upon your face

 Whatever it is that you might fear

 Cast aside, make that crystal clear

 As hard as that might seem to be

 Rescue your mind with positivity

 Do not go down and let fear in

 For that will be your downfall sin

 Your choice. Your thoughts, you’re in control

 Up or down, you’re on a roll

 For what might seem like a broken heart

 Could be the beginning of an amazing start

Have the strength to carry on

Act as if you can’t go wrong

Although you might not have a clue

There’s an amazing world in front of you!

Find the courage and the strength

Do not stop at any length

Believe in your dreams, and start a new

And know your wishes will come true!!!

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It is easy to love others, but how easy is it to love yourself?

Who do you love? Are the people you love better and more worthy of your love than you? Your other half, your family, the rich and the famous, are they better or more lovable and worthy of your love than you? Can you imagine the amount of time you spend observing, wishing to be like, and loving the rich and famous on TV and in the media?

How much time do you spend loving and creating yourself and your own life? I know I am asking a lot of questions, but really, you have to stop and “THINK”. We create our own living heaven, or, we create our very own living hell, by our perceptions of others and our perceptions of ourselves.

You are spirit; and your body is your vehicle on your amazing life’s journey. Like a car you must maintain every aspect of your vehicle, mind, body and soul. To enjoy life’s journey you need to be healthy in all three aspects!

And this is exactly the kind of healthy maintenance and love that I’m talking about!

How a good loving mother would take care of a child; this is how to love yourself.

You would never abuse yourself or except abuse from others in any way, this is how to love yourself.

Being the best you can be at everything you do, this is how to love yourself.

Thinking great inspired thoughts then acting on them, this is how to love you.

Eating healthily and exercising regularly, this is how to love you.

Forever learning and gaining knowledge, this is how to love you.

You might call this tough hard love, but really, it’s a gentle love, for all these loving actions are taking care of you in the best possible way.

You should realize the miracle that you are, when you can love yourself in all these ways and more, you will be living in the heaven that you have created. We need to listen to our spirit, that inner voice of love and truth that whispers to us quietly, we need to listen and allow that voice, that energy, that love, our very own authenticity, spirit you, to drive your body, your vehicle, to come into being and having a wonderful life of love, abundance, happiness and joy. A place where you are able to help others, for if you cannot help yourself you defiantly  can’t help others, and if you cannot love yourself, can others love you?

Living your life loving yourself, being the best you can be day in and day out, will indeed lead you to happiness, you will become without doubt, an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing you, and most importantly, they will learn from you by your wonderful inspiring thoughts and actions, it’s never too late to love yourself!

When you love yourself enough to create the life you wish, you will shine like a beacon inspiring others to shine their brilliance too!

By listening to that inner voice you are listening to your heart, and your heart knows all!


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There is a word, a word so profound, it can, and it will create your life exactly as you wish it to be!


This word can, and will, take you from depression to elation, if you act upon it!


This word is a word that you might not have used so often in your life.


This word signifies the most powerful gift you were born with, it is your powerhouse, and only you can use it!


This word, used with repetition, opens your eyes to the real you, who has, and always has had, infinite possibilities to create!


This word is your power, power is the clue!


This word is, “WILLPOWER”!


Use it! Be it, and Have it, All!





If you do something half-heartedly


The results will turn out the same


If you're not being the best you can be


You have only yourself to blame


Everybody has willpower


Dig deep, I am not wrong


And when you find it hallelujah


Now you can be strong


All you need now is a goal


To reach where you should be


And when you're there, you'll be so glad


That you are now in the 5% minority


This 5% I speak about


Are the people who become a success


They are the ones who had goals


And put their will to the test


They are the ones who never quit


And always did their best


Have a goal, use your willpower


Yes, you have it in you


Be your best and never quit


And you'll be successful too!


 Love Simone


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There seems to be some confusion about the law of attraction. While wishing, visualizing, dreaming, or praying, you are creating the first step of the law, “thought”. It is only by “Acting” on your “thoughts” that turn them into reality. The law of attraction is a “term” used to explain the true meaning of the law. The true meaning being “We Become What We Think About” Which then leads us to thought vibration. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different levels, every single thing from the moon to a tree, to your dog, a ball, your thoughts and all are all vibrating in different frequencies, ranging from high to low, and it is YOU who gets to decide which frequency to be in. Your thoughts, which create your vibrations, put YOU in a High or low frequency state, whether you “Know” it or not, you are indeed picking up universal frequencies, tapping in with every thought.

In my book, “The Gift if only you knew” if only you knew means, if only you knew, that YOU have a choice of creating great thoughts, great actions and a great life. You have a choice of “becoming” and creating your life exactly as you wish it to be.

You CAN take the option of which vibration to be in no matter what situation you are in. If you are wishing, you know that place, the vibration radio station, I wish upon a star, that place where everyone is wishing and will continue to wish as long as they keep wishing! Hah, if only you knew! Wishing upon that star, you will always be wishing upon that star, because you have tuned into the vibration wishing frequency, and YOU WILL wish away for ever!

This I feel is where the confusion lies!

“We Become What We Think About”

Now, take a very close look at the word “Become” In fact, stare at it for a while and THINK, what does the word “become” actually mean? It means “to come into Being”!

It is you, Being, and taking action on your thoughts that create the high energy vibration of joyful magic, or the low energy vibration of misery and ill health in your life. With thought alone you are, and always will be dreaming, in a visualizing slumber, of maybe a blissful beautiful dream, or a never ending nightmare!

Did you know that, You, have created your life, up until this very moment, with every single thought, that’s lead You to every single action creating your every day, whether You were conscious of this fact or not.

 I often wonder how, and why on earth do some people expect to just visualise with all the faith and belief in the world and god, that, visualising alone, will manifest dreams into reality.

Whomever you are praying to, I’m sure would be looking at you, thinking, great, wow, visualizing hmmm, now how about getting up and taking some action with all the miraculous capabilities I have granted you with! The Law of Attraction always talks about gratitude; we seem to think gratitude is being thankful for what we have and how we feel, even our wonderful gratitude for nature itself, but where is our gratitude of using the amazing abilities we have been given? Of knowing the miracle you are with an outrageous power to bring forth all your desires! Is life not meant to be about being happy, becoming happy? Have you any idea how happy you would be, to know that you, you yourself achieved all your desires. True happiness lies in being able to create the life of your dreams, love, health, abundance; we are creative human beings, with minds to think and the power to create! When you know the universe loves creation and life, and, has given you, the power to create, the greatest gratitude you could ever have would be to step out your comfort zone and act out the person you want to be, and shine! True gratitude, I feel would be to use our minds, body and spirit to the best of our ability!

Your actions are the true stepping stones of your thoughts, and your dreams that will undoubtedly create your future, and your destiny!

 YOU are a living miracle with an enormous potential to being and creating more than you ever thought possible! Would it be so wonderful to sit back nice and cosy, and visualize something into existence if you could, rather than “knowing” you have the power to make it happen? On top of that, how do you think you would feel having accomplished all your desires, turning them into reality all by yourself, how would you feel? It’s time to get busy! It’s time to wake up, it’s time to “come into Being” Becoming, the person you want to be, and doing the things you want to do. No one can tell you, not even me, you cannot believe me if you truly wish to “know”.

Visualizing, hope and belief are the starting point, or can “Become” just things to hang on to; faith and believing are in my opinion, disbelief.

The key is to “Know”! The only way of knowing is to Think inspired thoughts, act upon them to the best of your ability, Mind, Body and Spirit, and see for yourself!



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Let the Guilt Go



You are taught how to feel guilty as a child when you had done something wrong, but it was not you that was wrong, it was just an unwise choice you had made .You now are the parent feeling the guilt, for all the things you did or did not do for your children. You either made a wise choice or an unwise choice, nothing you ever said or did was your fault.

You now are guilty to your friends and family if you are not behaving in the manner they see fit,  yes,you are guilty.

Society, are you guilty? Yes, you have to fit in and act with the crowd, if not; you are guilty of being different.

Religion, you are made to feel guilty for your sins. Lovers, your loved one will say, if you love me, you will…....., and if you don’t, what are you? GUILTY!

Now, the biggest guilt trip of all, is the guilt we lay on ourselves, you hold guilt to yourself for everything you did not think, say, do or act at the time you thought you should have. The food you ate, the toxins you took in, even your sex life, guilty, guilty, guilty as charged!!!

What about the guilt games we play, notice from now, all the people in your life that make you feel guilty in the next few days. Notice all the people you make feel guilty in the next few days. Notice how many times you make yourself feel guilty in the next few days.

You will be amazed how we all live our lives racked with guilt. Guilt is not a natural state of being. Nothing you ever did was wrong or right, you just behaved at your level of awareness.

Be aware now, that guilt is just the same as your fears and doubts. Know that guilt is something of the past, of which you can do nothing about. You will only waist your time on it putting yourself into a low vibration, and what do you think you will attract?

Drop the guilt! Kick that habit away as far as you can!


To truly live the life of attraction, you need to be happy, in a high vibration all the time, Guilt, like your fears and doubts, will keep you in a low vibration, attracting  negativity, and all the things you don’t want!.

In your life you never did anything wrong or right, you just made a wise or unwise choice; it was just your level of awareness.

The key to making all your dreams come true is to be happy always in the moment of now! How about making amends now, especially with you!

What level of awareness are you at now?

For the past has gone, it’s what you are thinking, saying and doing NOW, that leads you to your future, your destiny, and you happiness!

Get rid of the guilt game and be happy now!







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How many times in your life have you had a great idea, and then you thought to yourself, no, I can’t do that. How many times have you had a great idea and someone else told you, no, you can’t do that. You can achieve anything, when you become consciously aware that it’s you, and only your thoughts that determine what you can achieve or not. Take the opportunity now, to realise that it is you who actually creates thoughts of positivity, and it is also you who can cast away your fears and doubts. I know through experience that when I have had a great idea and acted upon it with a hundred percent effort and belief, my thought became my reality!

Very importantly, take time to think of what it is you want in life, use your “imagination” on what you desire, not what you think you deserve, or what you are capable of receiving. THINK BIG, everything in this entire universe was created by thought, there are endless possibilities to create, be brave and go for your wildest dreams, remember, what ever great idea you have, it is firstly your thought of that great idea, then the actions you take upon that great idea, with of course the thought of total belief “knowing” that you will succeed, that you will see the recipe I have just given you is magical. You will start to see your great ideas turn into reality!

Tunnel your vision, keep focused on your idea, do not allow others or their thoughts to get in your way.

When you put these words to action the universe works with you, magic happens all around you that helps create your ideas because of your intent, effort, and actions taken.

This is a time for creativity, we live in a creative universe, we have creative minds to think and create with the abundance of materials on earth, for us to do exactly that!


Great ideas are put to bed

Because fears and doubts invade your head

Time does fly, you wonder why

Those great ideas have passed you by

The greatest philosophers, they have said

We become what’s in our head

What we think is how we act

Thoughts determine our lives exact

It’s all in you, imagination

Positive thoughts, a great sensation

Why don’t you start a brand new fashion

Live your life with belief and passion

Kick those doubts and fears away

And you will create a brighter day

For you are a shining star

Act on great thoughts and you’ll go far

When you know this, it’s plain to see

Your thoughts suppress

Or set you free!

Love Simone X


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This is the Youth iExpo




Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd September 2012
09.30 – 20.00


What is it?


The Youth iExpo is a unique two day event dedicated to young people on the Costa Blanca. This free event will provide youngsters with information on education, employment, sport & leisure, health and much more.


Be Inspired


The Youth iExpo is a collaboration between Viva TV and and Torrevieja Town Hall and will enable youngsters and their families to make informed decisions about their futures. Torrevieja Ayuntamiento, Universities, schools, clubs & societies, businesses and organisations are all offering their support & guidance and will all demonstrate what opportunities there are on the Costa Blanca and in Spain.







21st AT 5pm & SATURDAY 22nd AT 4pm on-












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Illustration of vibrations of a drum.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.


Becoming consciously aware in the moment of now is a magical way to reach your goals, discover yourself, realise your powers and discover how truly talented you are!

To live the Law of Attraction, meaning “We Become What We Think About”, you must create a habit of positive thought. Many try, it seems to be going great for a while, and then something you don’t want comes into the picture, and ZAP! Down you go, you have lost your faith or have totally forgotten that the Law of Attraction does not care weather it’s a good thought or a bad thought, you will attract, through vibration, (good thought = high vibration, bad thought = low vibration. You see, what ever you’re thinking, puts you into feeling. How you feel is the energy that you vibrate, high or low, attracting your flow!

This is not an easy task, with all the negativity going on around you, it’s hard to change your perception, the only way to conquer this is to absolutely master the habit of positive thought and totally ban your fears and doubts! This takes time and acquires patients’; the greatest philosophers all study the concept, “We Become What We Think About”! How big is your desire? But when you do put in great effort, with absolute BELIEF, you will see the magic!

When you are consciously aware, always in the moment of now, you become conscious of your thoughts, and can change them when needed. You can create inspired thought, instead of rolling into the negative unconsciously. You can become aware of all the beauty you see in front of your eyes that you never noticed before, flowers, birds, hear their song. Become aware of the breeze on your face, become aware of the magic of the most powerful law in the universe, the Law of Attraction!




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I’m sure many of us have read a self help book at sometime in our lives, there are many out there, some great ones too! But, it is not reading these books that help you, it is not hearing what they have to say, that helps you, nor is it understanding them that help you!

What really helps you gain all your desires and helps you to reach your goals in life is, “ACTING” upon what you read!

Yes, “ACTING”. The greatest philosopher’s words are useless read or heard, it is the “ACTION” of “ACTING” upon these words, that results will be seen.

When you hear great advice that really makes sense to you, you feel a great joy, how long will that joy last if you do not “ACT” on that great advice?

For the real joy is living with the results of your “ACTIONS”!

As you think, as you feel, so are you! Are you consciously aware of what you are thinking and feeling? Become aware of your thoughts, for they control your “ACTIONS.” Plant the thought seeds you wish to sow. “ACT “the part of who and what you wish to be in life.

Adopt the attitude of “ACTION”! For your actions turn your thoughts and feelings into reality!

Your desires, your goals, your dreams, your happiness, your “ACTIONS” your Life!!!




 It takes “ACTION” to get out of the traction you’re in

 Your thoughts and your feelings are only the start, it would seem

 It takes courage of “ACTION “to gain satisfaction of living the life that you dream!

 Love Simone


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Man thinking on a train journey.


The world today is not what it seems, and all that we are told, and what we are made to believe is not always the truth, in fact, to banish ignorance altogether would mean not believe anything at all, and instead to do the research ourselves, to get to the real facts "The real Truth".

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Why is it we eat so much and yet, we are so undernourished?

The answer to that is we eat unconsciously what the supermarkets throw at us. All the junk food, processed food, Es, Es, and more Es and additives! How about all the junk food, convenient fast foods, takeaways, eating our way through thousands of calories, we are  becoming obese, and still, we are undernourished!

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What are you thinking?

  • Every thought we have creates the words we speak.
  • Every thought we have creates every action we take.
  • Every action we take creates a reaction.
  • Every thought, word, action, reaction, creates our lives!
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English: A girl lost in her thoughts!

Please, my life, my choice!

You are who you are, you can’t possibly change. Wrong!  You are who ever you want to be!  It’s all within your mind, it’s as simple as choice.


What choice?

The choice of believing in yourself, or not.

The choice of loving yourself, or not.

The choice of doing everything to the best of your ability, or not.

The choice of stepping out your comfort zone, or not.

The choice of reaching your goals, or not.

The choice of thinking you can, or you can’t!

You see, whatever choices you are making are determining your every day, your Life!  I can’t thoughts are your choice, I can thoughts are your choice. You can stamp out your dreams with your choice of thoughts, or obtain them.

Thought patterns, now here’s what can change everything, your choice of thoughts.

When you can change your thought patterns to

I BELIEVE in myself!

I LOVE myself!

I CAN do everything to the best of my ability!

I CAN step out my comfort zone!

I CAN reach all my goals!

When you can do this, you can’t possibly fail

I’m sure you have heard the expression the world is your oyster, well it is! When you can change your thought patterns to the above, the world will be your oyster!

Now, the thing is, if you say you can’t you’re right, go sit back on that couch, switch on the TV and carry on being that voyeur, watching others obtaining their goals, living  the highlife. Or, if you say you can, join the party, it’s called LIVING!                                                                                            

When you start loving and believing in yourself, doing your best to achieve your goals, Magic starts to happen!

Each time you step out your comfort zone to strive for your goals you become stronger and stronger!  You realise your capabilities, you get to know yourself and how truly amazing you really are!

You start to feel this confidence in you shining out that you never realised you had.

You become YOU! Yes that’s right YOU! Who YOU really are!

You find strength in you that had been wiped out by your previous way of thinking.

I can tell you this with authority!  I was that voyeur! Watching others turn their dreams into reality, It was only when I made that choice of changing my thoughts that I joined the party!

Don’t wait for your dreams to come true, MAKE THEM COME TRUE! Join the party, IT’S CALLED LIVING!!!

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